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Last updated: May 1, 2015
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Koral Labs, Incorporated, has provided thin film sputtering services for 30 years. Koral's founder, R.V. Stuart, helped lay the scientific foundation of sputtering while working with Dr. G.K. Wehner. In addition to its production capabilities, Koral Labs has evolved into a company specializing in unique applications of the sputtering process, with the ability to adapt to difficult coating jobs. From our earliest days and our work on the Tyros satellite, to our contributions to the Heidelberg Spectrometer, the Keck Telescope , and to the future Rosetta Probe (Rosina Spectrometer) , Koral Labs has demonstrated the ability to work closely with our customer's scientists and engineers to help define and accomplish the tasks required to achieve a goal.

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Koral Labs, Inc. is located in Minneapolis, MN